My Favorite Cocoa

My Favorite Cocoa

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The end of the year is as good an occasion as any to list my favorite programming blogs and websites. You probably already know most of these but perhaps there are one or two sites that are new to you. Happy new year!

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NSBlog by Mike Ash Simply the best in-depth, low-level articles on Cocoa programming that I know of. Mike’s concise explanation of the ARM64 architecture and the corresponding changes in the Objective-C runtime was a particular highlight for me this year. A number of in-depth articles with a common theme each month. In just half a year, Chris Eidhof, Florian Kugler and Daniel Eggert have, together with their numerous guest authors, managed to create an invaluable wealth of knowledge and best practices.

NSHipster Mattt Thompson’s journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoadelivers concise explanations of a broad range of useful Cocoa APIs, from the obscure to the commonly used. If you don’t know Apple’s documentation inside and out, this is a great place to learn about new stuff.

The Big Nerd Ranch Blog I recently unsubscribed from the BNR blog’s feed because I found they had too many posts I did not care about (like their regular Big Nerd of the Monthentries). Their technical articles on Objective-C and Cocoa are excellent, though. You should either live with the noise in the RSS feed or trust your Twitter timeline (as I do now) to surface the content that is worth your attention.

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