5 things you should know about Fine Aroma Cacao

5 things you should know about Fine Aroma Cacao

1 ) What do cocoa beans smell like?

Do cocoa beans/leaves/trees smell like chocolate? No, Cocoa beans don’t smell like chocolate. But when cocoa beans are roasted and proper roasting is integral to good flavored chocolate. Basically Chocolate contains three main ingredients: cocoa paste, cocoa butter, sugar, and emulsifier.

2 ) How are cocoa beans processed?

Processing the Cocoa Beans. During fermentation, the cocoa pulp clinging to the beans matures and turns into a liquid, which drains away and the true chocolate flavor starts to develop. … In Nigeria, cocoa is fermented in baskets lined and covered with leaves.

3) How do you roast cacao?

You can buy raw cocoa beans online, and roasting them yourself in the oven is easy. Lay the beans out evenly on a metal tray and cook in the oven at 120C/gas mark ½ for 25 minutes, turning them halfway through. Leave them to cool and then separate the cocoa shells from the beans with finger and thumb, one by one.

 4 ) Easy Ways to Eat Raw Cacao Every Day

  • Blend into a smoothie. Add 1-2 tbsp of raw cacao powder or cacao nibs to your regular smoothie. …
  • Whip Up Some Hot (or Cold) Chocolate “Milk” Just blend 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder to one cup warmed nut milk or coconut milk. …
  • Eat a Square of Pure Dark Chocolate. …
  • Grab a Serving of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology!

5) Can you buy cocoa beans?

You can buy cocoa beans at Cacao & Cocoa Beans, Organic Raw Cacao Beans Amazon. … Cocoa beans are available in organic product stores, but sometimes it is difficult to find in local shops. You can buy it online from the company’s website. There are many companies who offer cocoa beans online.


The world cocoa market distinguishes between two broad categories of cocoa beans: “fine” cocoa beans, and “bulk” or “ordinary” cocoa beans. As a generalization, fine or flavor cocoa beans are produced from Criollo or Trinitario cocoa tree varieties, while bulk (or ordinary) cocoa beans come from Forastero trees. There are, however, known exceptions to this generalization. Nacional trees in Ecuador, considered to be Forastero type trees, produce fine cocoa. On the other hand, cocoa beans from Cameroon, produced by Trinitario type trees and whose cocoa powder has a distinct and sought after red color, have, so far, been classified as bulk cocoa beans. It should be noted that the difference between fine or flavor cocoa and bulk cocoa is in the flavor rather than in the other quality factors. Fine flavors include fruit (fresh and browned, mature fruits), floral, herbal, and wood notes, nut and caramel notes as well as rich and balanced chocolate bases.


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